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  • We Build a Simple Sustainable Business Model in Recycling.

    Our waste trade draws more players onto the plastic recycling value chain due to the high purchasing price for plastic waste materials.

  • Inclusion

    We establish an all inclusive approach to recycling by developing capacity of both the formal and informal sector.

  • We are a Green Business.

    Our green innovation and technology transforms plastic waste into bricks (green products).

  • From Circular Innovation to Circular Economy

    Our vision to create a circular economy in Ghana and Africa as a whole is realized through circular innovation. In this regard, our operations exert a net positive impact on the environment and society whilst building new economies for sustainable liv

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Recycling Capacity Development

With an all-inclusive approach to establish a strong recycling industry in Ghana, we develop the capacity of both the formal and informal sectors to encourage source recycling. Through creation of innovative business models, we introduce the informal sector to new streams of businesses on the recycling value chain. Partnering with schools, we able to expose young people to recycling, reuse and repairs at an early stage, building their creative and innovative abilities. Also, we leverage on a digital platform to empower players on the value chain to earn in a waste trade. By this we accelerate the rate of recycling and at the same time creates thousand of jobs in the recycling industry.

Plastic Waste Upcycling

Employing our green-designed technology, we transform plastic waste bottles into bricks, blocks, pillars, etc for green building. With this unprecedented technology designed and fabricated in Ghana for processing Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET) we able to maximise efficiency, durability and savings in our operations.

Paper Upcycling

Introducing innovation into art and craft, we transform paper waste into beautifully designed multi-purpose products such as sculpture, flower vase, water fountains etc for both interior and exterior decoration.

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